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My creative partner Steve Edmiston and I have created a polished, fascinating 60/90-minute presentation/screening/Q&A of our award-winning 30-minute film “The Maury Island Incident”:

Director/Produder Schaefer, along with Writer/Producer Steve Edmiston can bring this “road show” presentation about the Maury Island Incident to your festival or historical society. Learn how and why they based the film on declassified FBI documents, J. Edgar Hoover’s personal interest in the case, Harold Dahl’s conflicting “hoax” claims and much more!

This “show” includes a presentation by Steve Edmiston, our award-winning 30-minute film, followed by an audience Q&A – for a total of around 90 minutes to two hours.

If you’re interested in learning more or booking us, please email info@mauryislandincident.com.